Treating You Like A Celebrity

Last week while in Los Angeles, California to attend the Surgical Conference Of The American Society my wife and I took a break and walked around Hollywood and Rodeo Drive. Wowza!

If you’ve never been to Rodeo Drive it’s the place where actors, Beverly Hill’s elite and the rich and famous go to feel great, to look great, to spend lots of money and to be treated like they have a million dollars. And it got me thinking…it’s that same feeling that my patients feel when they reached their post op weight loss goals.

Yep, losing weight makes you feel like a million bucks.

When you’re overweight you feel depressed, have low energy, stress eat, are self conscious of your looks and lack motivation to exercise. But, that moment you realize that person is not who you want to be, and there are places out there you would like the opportunity to see, that make you feel special, you look at what is holding you back and you say to yourself… “I deserve the Hollywood effect too“.

Then you start losing weight. And it’s that moment people start to take notice of you. They say things like, “Wow” or “OMG, You look amazing” then they wonder what your Hollywood secret is, and you can wink your eye and simply smile.

Or you can tell them you went to

Okay, I know it doesn’t have the same ring as “Rodeo Drive” but for my over 9000 gastric sleeve patients who wanted to lose weight, feel healthier, get that “special” treatment and get the look that makes them feel noticed…Endobariatric was the “Wowza” they needed in their lives.

Here’s what Teresa Berry had to say, “I honestly cannot say enough to convey how happy I am that I trusted Dr. Alvarez and his surgical team with my life and my weight loss journey. I found my happy again.

And Brenda Wooley exclaimed, “I boarded a flight to New York this morning and I have to say even though I have lost 100 pounds I had anxiety about buckling the seat belt. I cried when I buckled it! I could have set someone in my lap. I cried! Thank you Dr.Guillermo Alvarezfor giving me the tool I needed to be successful.

Jim Joseph Farrell, said jokingly, “Hey Dr. A thanks for the new Celebrity status.

Hey, all joking aside…when you lose the weight, everyone wants to know how you did it, and you become part of the conversation…you become the celebrity in your circles. It may feel weird…but embrace it. You earned it.

If you’re tired of the extra weight and you want to improve your health, I invite you learn more about the gastric sleeve procedure and how it can help you feel and look better. I can’t promise you that Hollywood will come calling and make you the new “must see” actor, but I can say with the utmost certainty my staff and I will treat you like a celebrity.