Foods That Are Low in Calories But Not Low in Flavor

Bariatric surgery is a great way of regaining control of your life and starting anew on a healthy path. As a doctor who has performed over 17,000 gastric sleeve surgeries, I know that my patients can sometimes struggle with developing better eating habits, having acquired a taste for the saltiness and sugariness of junk food. Fortunately, I can assure you that there are plenty of healthy foods that are packed with flavor, so it is not as if you have to eat bland foods to keep the weight off. Here are five of the most flavorful suggestions:

Strawberries are sweet and juicy with just a little hint of acid which elevates the overall taste. A single large strawberry contains just six calories, making them a delectable and responsible snack when you are craving something similar to a dessert.

Seafood has a great taste and is considered a strong source of protein. While mackerel and salmon have higher caloric content, cod is a good choice to keep the calorie count low. One three-ounce portion of cod contains just over 70 calories. It has a milky flavor that can be enhanced further with citrus or seasoning.

If you avoid garlic because of what it can do to your breath, you’re missing out. One clove of garlic is under five calories and can add a pleasant kick to your meal. The health benefits go beyond being low in calories, though: research has found that garlic can help lower your blood pressure and risk for heart disease, as well as fight illnesses like the common cold.

Greek Yogurt
When you have a craving for something bitter, give Greek yogurt a try. It has a tangy flavor on top of a texture that is simultaneously creamy and thick. The bitterness is strong, and it is quite filling, which should satisfy your appetite. Best of all, it is a good source of protein, which is an important component to be mindful of following gastric sleeve.

With an earthy or woody flavor, mushrooms can be used to replace the texture and flavor of meat. An entire cup of mushrooms contains only 15 calories. Better still, mushrooms blend together umami and sweet for a tasty addition to any meal.

Our Team Is Here for You
It certainly gets easier to maintain a healthy diet once you realize that you do not have to sacrifice flavor to achieve that goal. Give the foods on this list a try to get you going, then experiment with some other low-calorie foods to determine what best satisfies your taste buds.
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