Gastric Sleeve VS Lap Band

To understand some of the key differences between lap band and gastric sleeve surgery, it is important to understand the fundamentals of each procedure. Lap Band Surgery Lap Band surgery is perhaps the most well-known form of bariatric surgery. This procedure involves the use of an adjustable gastric banding device to restrict the size of the stomach, and ultimately the amount of calories an individual can consume in one day. It helps patients feel full faster and stay full longer. During the procedure, Dr. Alvarez makes a few tiny incisions through which he implants the Lap-Band system. A tube is then placed just beneath the skin of the abdomen. This tube is used to make adjustments to the Lap Band in the weeks after the procedure. Lap Band surgery is popular among patients who do not want to undergo a procedure that requires cutting, stapling or removing any part of the stomach. Gastric Sleeve Surgery Gastric sleeve surgery is an effective weight loss procedure which involves surgically removing a portion of the stomach. During this procedure, Dr. Alvarez makes a series of small incisions on the abdomen. He then removes part of the left side of the stomach, leaving behind a banana-shaped area. This restricts the amount of food that can be consumed, helping patients feel full faster and for a longer period of time. Similarities between Lap Band and Gastric Sleeve Although Lap Band surgery and sleeve gastrectomy take two completely different approaches to weight loss, they do have a few similarities, including: Surgeries are performed laparoscopically, meaning only a few, small incisions are made Treatment restricts the size of the stomach Treatment restricts how much food can be consumed No re-routing of intestines is required Appropriate for patients with a BMI of 35 or higher Differences between Lap Band and Gastric Sleeve Despite their many similarities, Lap Band and Gastric Sleeve Surgery also have a number of distinct differences that may help a patient determine which procedure is right for them. The biggest difference between Lap Band v. gastric sleeve surgery is that gastric sleeve surgery involves the surgical removal of a portion of the stomach. This requires multiple incisions and the use of stitches. For this reason, it considered a much more invasive procedure than Lap Band. Some of the other ways that sleeve gastrectomy differs from Lap Band include: It’s a permanent, non-reversible procedure Does not involve placement of a foreign object in the body No adjustments (maintenance) are necessary post-procedure Removes the “hunger hormone” Ghrelin Better weight loss results (clinically proven) with the gastric sleeve Better quality of life after the gastric sleeve vs Lap Band None of the slippage or erosion complications associated with the Lap Band