Ozempic May Be Trendy, But Bariatric Surgery Remains More Effective

For many people, safe, effective, and sustainable weight loss is an elusive concept. This one of the main reasons new fad diets and solutions consistently pop up.

One weight loss medication that is gaining traction is Ozempic, which is being touted as a miracle drug for reducing weight in a wide range of patients. Although medications like Ozempic are effective in some patients, bariatric surgery is still the more effective option. Continue reading to learn more.

Bariatric Surgery vs Ozempic
Undergoing bariatric surgery can be life-altering for patients that want to lose weight and keep it off. This surgery can provide long-term weight reduction in individuals who have not been able to achieve this with other weight loss methods. Bariatric surgery also boasts other health benefits, including:

Long-term diabetes remission: Bariatric surgery can lead to long-term remission of type 2 diabetes, which is associated with obesity as well as other devastating health issues.
Improved heart health: Weight loss surgery can decrease a patient’s risk of heart disease and stroke. Additionally, the weight loss that occurs after bariatric surgery may be associated with a decrease in stroke and hypertension-related death.

Improved depression symptoms: Those with obesity often feel depressed due to poor self-image as well as social stigma. Obese patients may even avoid participating in certain social and physical activities, which can lead to feelings of isolation. The sustainable weight loss that can be achieved with bariatric surgery can improve the emotional health of many patients.
Improved sleep apnea symptoms: Maintaining a healthy weight may allow those who suffer from sleep apnea to experience relief from certain symptoms.

Improved fertility: Weight loss surgery may improve fertility during childbearing years.
Improved overall health: Bariatric surgery can contribute to relief from certain conditions that are affected or exacerbated by excess weight, such as gallbladder disease.
While Ozempic may be a trendy weight loss solution, bariatric surgery is a long-established, safe, and effective option for significant and sustainable weight loss in obese patients. I would advise patients to avoid getting swept up into trends when it comes to weight loss; instead, seek out experts in the field of weight loss for long-term results.

Bariatric Surgery at Endobariatric
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