What Kind of Snacks Are Appropriate After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

If you have undergone gastric sleeve surgery, you are likely enjoying the benefits of significant, sustainable weight reduction, especially if you have struggled with your weight for years or even decades before surgery. Weight loss comes with a host of benefits, including a reduction of weight-related health issues. You can maintain your weight and health with proper nutrition and positive eating habits. Continue reading to learn more about the best snacks to include in your diet following gastric sleeve surgery.

Diet Restrictions
As you prepare for your gastric sleeve surgery, you will be provided with detailed post-surgical information that can help set you on the right path for a healthy recovery and sustained health.

You will also be given a list of foods to avoid, as they could impact your recovery. They include:
• Sugary foods and drinks: Foods and beverages that are high in sugar can lead to dumping syndrome, a condition caused by the rapid entry of high-sugar meals into the intestine. These types of foods can also slow down your weight loss and can even lead to weight gain.
• Oils and fats: Oils and fats can cause nausea in gastric sleeve patients. Eliminate this type of discomfort by avoiding greasy items.
• Alcohol: Alcohol does not contain nutrients; it does, however, contain many calories, which can impede weight loss.

The Best Snacks After Gastric Sleeve
The best snacks following your gastric sleeve surgery are those that are nutritious, easy to chew and swallow, and full of protein, among other things. Healthy snack items include:

• Foods and snacks containing white meat, such as chicken and turkey
• Foods containing fish or shellfish that are not breaded and not fried
• Low-fat and fat-free dairy products, including milk, yogurt, and cottage cheese
• Soy milk and tofu
• Canned tuna and salmon
• Peanut butter
• Fruits and vegetables, as long as they do not cause gastric distress
• Whole-grain breads

You should also be aware that how you consume these snacks as well as the intervals in which you consume them are important as well. Since the post-surgery stomach holds significantly lower amounts of food, you may notice that a snack can make you just as satisfied as a full meal. It is important to not overstuff yourself, especially as you are transitioning from your initial liquid diet and are first reintroducing solid foods into your eating routine.

Weight Loss at Endobariatric
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