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10 Tips To Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals For The New Year!

10 Tips To Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals For The New Year!

What are you resolutions for the new year?

Have you even thought about them?

Did you know that losing weight is at the top of almost everyone's resolution list?


Signing up for a gym membership is listed right under losing weight.


Sadly, most who write down “going to the gym” fail to follow ...

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Holidays and Your Sleeve

Holidays and Your Sleeve

The holidays are probably one of the biggest hardships to overcome right after having bariatric surgery.

While everyone else is indulging in the festive foods, you are being quietly critiqued as the non-conformer. Some of your relatives might be privy to your weight loss journey, others probably don't have a clue. 

Family gatherings turn ...

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The 3 Words That Could Stop You From Being Healthier

The 3 Words That Could Stop You From Being Healthier

You see all those beautiful before and after pictures of people who have lost 50, 100, 150 pounds or more with the gastric sleeve surgery and then you start to dream about the results you'll achieve. You see yourself being thinner, able to do things that you couldn't do before, and immediately make plans for ...

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Your Gastric Sleeve Surgery And Your Contribution To Research

Your Gastric Sleeve Surgery And Your Contribution To Research

Have you ever wondered what happens to the part of your stomach that gets taken out during a sleeve gastrectomy?

A few months ago, I had the privilege of teaming up with 12 international doctors and the resulting science became an article that was published in the prestigious Journal of Gastroenterology.

The article was titled ...

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Overcoming Adult Obesity

Overcoming Adult Obesity

According to a recent article published online by “The State Of Obesity” (A project of the Trust for America's Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation) Arkansas now has the highest adult obesity rate in the United States. Almost 36 percent of Arkansas' adult population is over weight.

Sadly, West Virginia and Mississippi ...

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Treating You Like A Celebrity

Treating You Like A Celebrity

Last week while in Los Angeles, California to attend the Surgical Conference Of The American Society my wife and I took a break and walked around Hollywood and Rodeo Drive. Wowza!

If you've never been to Rodeo Drive it's the place where actors, Beverly Hill's elite and the rich and famous go to feel great ...

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The Skinny On Fruit Sugars And Fiber

The Skinny On Fruit Sugars And Fiber

The other day I posted a picture of a fruit smoothy on my Facebook fan page and one follower commented it was too much sugar for her to drink. And, it got me thinking. There's a lot of confusion when it comes to sugars, especially fruit sugars.

People hear the word “sugar” and ...

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Losing Weight Before Weight Loss Surgery

Losing Weight Before Weight Loss Surgery

Patients are a bit confused when I tell them they have to lose weight before they arrive for weight loss surgery. They say, “wait, what...I have to lose weight before coming to you?” or “isn't that why I'm getting the surgery to begin with?”. It sounds counter productive and somewhat ...

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The #AskDrA Show: The First 10 Episodes

The #AskDrA Show: The First 10 Episodes

Last week we launched the 10th episode of the #AskDrA show and I am truly humbled by all the fantastic responses from all the wonderful fans. It's such an honor to be able to do this show. As I shoot footage for new episodes I wanted to recap the last ten shows and share ...

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Fighting The Fear

Fighting The Fear

You're scared! The thought of all the wrong things happening seems real in your mind. For every one question answered you have a thousand more that are nagging at you.

What if something happens? What if it doesn't work? What if, what if, what if? 

The answers you are given don't ever seem enough ...

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