Q&A’s – Will it hurt?

Hello I’m Dr. Alvarez and this is the question of the week. This episode we’ll talk about the pain related with the gastric sleeve surgery. The question I get is “Will it hurt?” Of course it’s a common question, it’s a question I would personally do myself. So, Pain after the gastric sleeve surgery is not bad at all. It should not hurt. In our practice, we have been modifying our technique throughout the years including our medications and the hours the meds are scheduled. These and other small details help with the outcome of the patient and the overall results. Most of my patients refer to the pain as doing some abdominal ab crunches or the pain is more localized on the left incision where the removed stomach comes out. In other words pain is very manageable with medications and it get’s better as every day goes by. I will be including some links here of patients of mine have have compared the sleeve to other abdominal surgeries so you can see for yourself. I hope this helps with this week’s question. I’m Dr. Alvarez and I’ll see you next week.