ObesityChat comes to an end.

Dear ObesityChat users and radio listeners: Today I decided to cancel the radio talk show “Obesity Chat”. As you many know we did the live radio show every Monday at 8:00 PM CT then uploaded the podcast to www.obesitychat.com. We have done over a year and a half of episodes and we helped many many patients with the gastric sleeve and for that I am very proud. Patients from Mexico, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, etc. The show was very helpful but as the weeks went by the amount of interest from patients submitting questions was less so I decided to stop the show and put more time and effort on my YouTube channel with the Q&A’s. I will focus on this from here on transcribing most of the questions from the show to YouTube for my subscribers. I know the YouTube platform will be more beneficial to all the sleeve patients out there and I’ll be helping more with the same amount of effort and time I’m dedicating to the bariatric community. Of course as you know I continue to be available to sleeve gastrectomy patients from around the world and you can always find me on my social media channels. The Obesity Chat site (www.obesitychat.com) will continue to host the recorded episodes for a while. I know it’s a good reference for many patients. Thank you for all your support and we continue to work every day helping the weight loss surgery community. warm regards, Dr. Alvarez