Why is the cost so much lower in Mexico than the US?

Regarding a question on my obesitychat show. There are a lot of people in the US that have a skewed view of having surgery in Mexico. They think it is dangerous or less sanitary for some reason. Can you discuss the standards of care and regulations in Mexico as compared to the states. Why is the cost so much lower in Mexico than the US? :confused: – (question made by TLJ via Facebook) Most of the people that talk about this are being ignorant about the aspect, they never been or seen a hospital in Mexico, and all they’ve seen it thru a movie or TV. We have some of the best hospitals around the world that compete with most US hospitals or even better. About the standard care we also have some clinics here and there that aren’t good, you have to make sure you are going to a good hospital with good standard care regulation. I have been certified in the United States by the “Surgical Review Corporation”, that means they come to our facility to check each aspect of the weight loss surgery and the guidelines that we use, and the medications we handle, the way we care about our patients and we need to keep up a certain amount of procedure per year which by the way do easily. The surgical review corporation named me Surgeon of Excellence in Bariatric Surgery, that means you get the same care as any other center of excellence in the USA, regarding WLS, as I was telling you they are some clinics here and there that you need to be careful where you going to, You need to do your homework and make sure you are going to a safe place, with a surgeon that does his job well as pro as we do sleeve each and everyday, that’s what we do we focus in this procedure and we make sure you have a great outcome. Coming back to your question, most of it is ignorance. Here on the website, where it says “ABOUT” I have our facilities, you can see our video that covers the hospital and you can see everything in there, I know you’ll enjoy it.