The Power of Non-Scale Victories After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Even though I advise against being tied to the scale after vertical sleeve gastrectomy, I know many patients closely track how many pounds they’ve shed. Here’s the thing: When stalls happen, they can be depressing. They can even tempt you to go backward in your journey. But when the scale isn’t your friend—and you’re honestly doing your part with the gastric sleeve diet—then find inspiration in non-scale victories. Here’s a small sampling from your VSG brothers and sisters. What’s yours?

Closet wins

“So yesterday I had to go get some smaller pants, ‘cause my jeans were literally falling off when I was simply walking. I ended up with three pair of jeans—size 14! I haven’t worn a 14 in like 30 years!”—Margaret

“Yesterday, I fit into a size 7/8 jeans! Before my sleeve I was in an 18!”—Alexis

“I fit into a size 8 pair of jeans! Yep, I did a little victory dance right there in my closet!”—Dee

“I’m down two sizes in pants/shorts. Two months out and I love my body!—Kathy

“In a few days I️ will celebrate my one-year surgiversary! I️ bought my first size medium shirt today!”—Ann

“Fitting into my wedding dress perfectly although I am currently 26 weeks pregnant.”—Cory

“Fitting into a 1970s vintage dress I bought four years ago in hopes that maybe one day I could wear it.”—Amy

“Went to buy some clothing from a plus-size store only to find they didn’t have anything small enough.”—Colleen

Little things that mean a lot

“My nine-year-old daughter can wrap her arms all the way around my waist when she hugs me.”—Heather

“For the first time in years not only did I not need a seatbelt extender on my flight, but I was able to cinch it up a little.”—Amber

“I tightened up my Apple Watch another space!”—Christal

“Went to the fair tonight and rode all the rides I’ve never been able to ride before.”—Dana

“Going on family vacation and NOT hiding from family pictures.”—Karen

“I went to a theme and water park in shorts and I did not chafe.”—Alex

“Not being embarrassed or scared to get weighed at the doctor’s office.”—Emily

“I dropped my cell phone behind my bed. I got on the floor and crawled underneath. As I was completely under my bed, I realized I haven’t fit under a bed since I was a child.”—Tim

“My favorite set of bath towels were too small to close around my body… until today! It fits all the way around and I can tuck it under my arm!”—Robyn

Getting healthier by the day

“Climbed a rock wall for the first time in my life this weekend.”—Elise

“I no longer need daily asthma inhalers. Also down to only two blood pressure meds, instead of four!”—Kathy

“Normal fasting blood sugar this morning!”—Kristi

“One of my favorite hikes used to take me roughly four hours, and it took me two! That was six miles roundtrip. Definitely makes a difference when you are now 73 pounds down!”—Faith

“I just did a pull up! I have never in my life done a pull up. Here I am, 28, and thanks to my sleeve and Dr. Alvarez I have finally accomplished one of my little life goals.”—Danielle

“Completely positive doctor appointment! He pronounced me ‘fit and healthy.’ All markers were in range, and he had no concerns! Discontinued my blood pressure med, which was the last to go.”—Ricky

“I was able to get out and walk around a park with my son and my two yorkies without back pain!”—Nancy

“Living in Southeast Texas, it used to be that once temperatures got above the mid-80s you wouldn’t find me doing anything outside. Now, I love being outside…I’ve been enjoying running in the 90+ degree weather!”—Gretchen

Uplifting comments

“My son says to me recently, ‘Mom, I don’t ever remember you being big now.’ I was overweight from my pregnancy with him until he was 17. Almost five years since my surgery and he’s erased the big me.”—Christy

“Rendering the VP of our corporate office speechless at my weight loss.”—Shanna

“Was getting my usual pedicure and my nail tech asked if I was okay. I said, ‘Yes, why?’ My nail tech said, ‘Your legs have gotten skinny.’”

“One of my patients was looking for me and couldn’t see me behind the desk. She asked, ‘Where is that skinny little girl?’ That just blew me away!”—Fonda

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