Common Misconceptions about Medical Tourism

Have you heard of medical tourism? Medical tourism is defined as the travel of a person to a place other than where he or she normally resides for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment. Most of my patients are medical tourists who travel from the United States for gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico. There are many misconceptions about medical tourism, which I will address below.

Myth #1: Foreign Doctors Lack Sufficient Training
A common concern for patients is that foreign doctors have not received proper training. This is simply not true. While foreign doctors may not receive the same training in their home country as they would in the United States, many foreign doctors actually go to the United States to receive their training.

During my surgical residency, I worked in a number of hospitals in the United States, France and Mexico.

Myth #2: Lower Cost Means Lower Quality
Gastric sleeve surgery is significantly less expensive at Endobariatric than it is in the United States. Many people falsely believe that this lower cost means lower quality.
I have safely performed over 18,500 gastric sleeve surgeries. I am able to offer this superior service at a lower cost than practices in the United States simply because it costs less to perform the surgery in Mexico than it does in the United States.
I also make quality care a priority for my patients. Unlike other surgeons, I perform no more than four procedures per day. This ensures that each and every patient gets my full energy and attention.

Myth #3: Foreign Facilities Are Substandard
Foreign facilities must meet certain standards set by organizations for both the quality and safety of healthcare. Furthermore, many foreign hospitals and clinics compete with each other. This means that they are constantly updating their technology and facilities.
Endohospital is certified as a “Center of Excellence” in metabolic and bariatric surgery. I have exclusive use of the hospital.

Myth #4: Medical Tourism Is Only for Cosmetic Surgery
It is true that cosmetic surgery may have popularized medical tourism. However, patients from around the globe are seeking out foreign physicians for nearly every single kind of procedure.
I specialize in gastric sleeve surgery and take great pride in treating patients from across the globe.

Myth #5: Travel for Medical Tourism Is Expensive
Travel for medical tourism can be expensive but it does not have to be. For example, I am located just blocks from the Texas border. This means that most patients coming from the United States can take a domestic flight to San Antonio and then drive the short distance to Endohospital.
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