Is There a Stigma About Gastric Sleeve in Mexico?

If you’ve made the decision to have a vertical sleeve gastrectomy in Mexico—and told even one person about it—you already know the answer to that question: oh yes. It’s hard enough to “convince” people that bariatric surgery is the right course of action for you, but bariatric surgery in Mexico? You’re bound to get an earful.

Many of my patients choose to keep details of their VSG under wraps, partly because they don’t feel like justifying this very personal decision. Others decide to be more open about their journey. If you’re among that group, here are a few things to consider when you get pushback over the gastric sleeve in Mexico.

The Endobariatric team is world class
I don’t know how to recite all this without tooting my own horn, but here goes: I’ve been named a Master Surgeon in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery by the Surgical Review Board Cooperation, a prestigious international designation that my staff and I have worked incredibly hard to earn. We offer a brand new, state-of-the-art, gated hospital with private rooms and bathrooms and renowned medical support staff catering to patients 24 hours a day. Oh, and our technology and standard of care surpass most other hospitals in the world—including those in the U.S. As my patient, Erin, raves, “I can guarantee you’ve never seen/experienced a hospital in the States that can measure up to this facility! The care was amazing and there was not one moment I didn’t believe we were receiving the best and most knowledgeable care possible.” Amy, a patient from San Antonio, told her detractors that if they could find an American doctor with the same or comparable credentials that I have, she would set up a consultation with them. “Crickets from the peanut gallery,” she reports. “Dr. A is the best. Hands down!” Thanks, Amy!

The gastric sleeve surgery cost is much lower here
I say this all the time, but I’ll repeat it: The gastric sleeve cost isn’t lower because we cut corners. It’s because everything is less expensive in Mexico. Our hospital is only a few miles from the Texas border, and if I did the same procedure over that border, the price would skyrocket. One patient from New York ran into that problem. After discovering that his $25,000-plus bill would need to paid in full before a local hospital would operate, he went searching for another solution and found Endobariatric. In describing the care he’s received even before his surgery, he says, “I really appreciate the effort that Endobariatric puts into this process for us–especially non-insured US residents who quite frankly cannot afford it in the States.” By the way, our rates are as low as $7,999, with financing available for patients who need it.

The personal touch hasn’t been lost at Endobariatric
Staff at U.S.-based hospitals work their butts off for their patients, but they’re often so incredibly overworked that they simply can’t provide the hand-holding or extra care they want to. The experience couldn’t be more different at Endobariatric. Gastric sleeve surgeries are the only thing we do here, and we only schedule a few each day so that each patient gets the top-notch care they deserve. My patient, Lesia, got flak from her sister about going to Mexico for VSG, but she knew she was making the right choice when her husband, who’d had the procedure in the U.S., learned things through Lesia’s journey with Endobariatric that his own doctor never told him. Plus, she fell in love with the Endobariatric facilities. “They’re cleaner than any hospital I’ve ever seen, and the team is really great—nurses, receptionist, cafeteria staff, janitorial staff, all the way to the drivers.”

Yes, you’ll likely run into some opposition about your decision to have a gastric sleeve in Mexico. But remind them—and yourself—that you’re getting a world-class team, a price you can actually afford, and the kind of personal care that makes all the difference. 

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