The #AskDrA Book 2: Easy & Practical Answers To Enjoying Life As A New Sleever

In May 2016, my team and I set out to help more people understand the benefits of vertical sleeve gastrectomy by launching Vol. 1 of the #AskDrA Book. The book was based on the hugely successful #AskDrA Show which airs every week on YouTube, Facebook and other social networks. This book is Vol. 2 and a companion resource to the first book and the show. It contains 87 questions and answers guiding you through pre op, post op, nutrition, exercise, supplements and much more. Every chapter contains a “follow along” link to the episode on the show, so you can listen along while reading.

I have been a faithful #AskDrA YouTube follower. This book gives me all of the information from the videos at my fingertips. Volume 1&2 are great for anyone considering gastric sleeve or post gastric sleeve. Dr. Alvarez answers the questions with expertise and kindness.” – Brenda Hubbell

I’m a patient of Dr. Alvarez myself and I must say that he is the best Doctor performing Sleeve Surgery. This book is an excellent read for someone who is Pre/Post Op bariatric sleeve surgery. You’ll get a lot of insight as to what to expect from surgery. I found useful tricks that help me put some worries to bed. The book provides easy rules for the patient to follow and to have successful results.” –Karina Martinez

The #AskDrA Book 2 is an easy to read question and answer resource guide that helps patients discover the benefits of living with their new sleeve and maintaining their weight loss goals after gastric sleeve surgery. 

In this book you’ll discover frequently asked and not so common questions that patients and those who want to know more about the weight loss procedure are curious about.

Here’s just few… 
*Are there any foods harmful to eat after sleeve surgery?
*Can feet shrink after losing weight?
*What makes me feel nauseated after eating or drinking?
*Can we carry on a pregnancy safely with a sleeve?
*How much time do we have to wait to travel by air?
*What is a good average weight loss for a newly sleeved patient?
*My scars always hurt. Is this normal?
*Does drinking and eating stretch out your sleeve?
*How many grams a day of carbs should we be taking?
*What is the average of blood loss during a surgery?
*Are energy drinks okay to have during pre-operation diet?
*It is possible to turn the sleeve into gastric bypass?
*How many hours of sleep at night is healthy for a sleeve patient?
*Is it normal to have bruises around my belly button after surgery?
*Is it common to have problems with my emotions after the surgery?
*Can you stretch out your stomach with time?
*How often should I weigh myself?
…and many more.

Awesome book. Thanks Dr. A.” – TobieLynn Ybarra

The #AskDrA Book has been my weight loss bible these past 5 1/2 months! I refer to it often. I can’t wait for Vol. 2.” – Pamelia Holton Dunlop

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