Staying Connected

For those following Endobariatric on social media, maybe you’ve noticed we made a few changes. The changes were made to help us improve the overall user experience we deliver to you every single day.

Since the majority of our weight loss fans, friends and followers are on Facebook we’ve concentrated the changes there first.


Well, Facebook is the most popular network and some say the easiest to understand, post, comment and share to others. So Facebook first.  

However, Facebook, in making those changes, business fan pages saw an immediate reduction in page views. So in order to keep up with Facebook’s ever tweaking algorithm we implemented some changes too.

First, we changed the banner picture…and the feedback from fans has been very positive.

Next we increased the posts. Yep, we now post more often. For years we would post once a day and our fan base grew steadily over time. But, with that dreaded algorithm those one a day posts weren’t being seen like they used to. And people were checking Facebook more often which meant our one post was being pushed down their social media stream farther and farther as the day went on. So now we post more often throughout the day so everyone has a chance to see our posts.

Note: If you’d like to keep up with all the Endobariatric Facebook posts just follow these instructions

Go to our Facebook page then hover over “liked” then click “see first”.

This way you don’t miss out on all the great content shared by me or my team.


Also we’ve implemented some new theme days like “Testimonial Tuesdays”, “Weigh In Wednesdays” and for Sunday’s we have “Weekend Wisdoms” which we’re getting some great feedback.

For those using Instagram and Pinterest we are planning small changes here and there, not as much as Facebook, but we believe you’ll notice the difference when we are done.  We are adding some new pin categories to Pinterest which I know you’ll love and we’ll be exploring “Stories” on Instagram. Exciting stuff coming up!

The plan is for you to start seeing more of the staff, getting to know them as much as you’ve gotten to know me, so when you pick up the phone and call us you know exactly who you are talking to. Or when you visit you’ll know exactly who is helping you.

As you know I’m a big believer in using social media to build trust with my audience. And so I’ll always use social media to educate, entertain and engage you with what’s going on here at Endobariatric.  My bariatric practice is designed to help you understand the weight loss journey. From pre-op to post-op we are there every step of the way to encourage and to support you.

We treat you like family. And we use social media to stay connected to our family every single day. 

To learn more about Endobariatric, weight loss surgery and to connect with us just visit us on FacebookInstagramPinterestTwitter or YouTube. You can also follow me personally on Snapchat by connecting using my username: gmoalvarez.   

“Changing Lives…One Sleeve At A Time”