Deflating The Latest FDA Weight Loss Product!

To most people a balloon is happiness. Kids just love them. And when giving gifts a balloon usually wins a smile or two. 

In the medical community very tiny balloons are being used for precision procedures. Maybe you’ve heard about balloon angioplasty which is where a small balloon is inserted into a clogged coronary artery and inflated just a bit to clear the blockage. The balloon doesn’t remain in your artery. Its only used for the purpose of clearing a path for your blood to flow.  

However, balloons aren’t meant for some things. And when it comes to balloons and your stomach I would recommend you read as much as you can, then say no way. 

Why do I say this?

As a weight loss surgeon my job is to give you the best option that will do the best job for the best money…not a band aid solution, not a temporary fix, not some gizmo or product that the FDA says is safe.

 My friends, the best option I recommend is the gastric sleeve surgery. 

You see the FDA once again has approved a product that doesn’t really solve a problem it just postpones the inevitablecosts a ton of money and gives patients false hope. Oh, but balloons are involved so it must be okay, right?


Yep, the FDA has green lit a new so-called weight loss product that’s called the Gastric Balloon. Imagine a balloon floating around your stomach that is supposed to help you lose weight. 

Unfortunately, as stated on some bariatric sites that are advertising this new procedure…

“The gastric balloon (endoscopic intragastric balloon) is a relatively new, temporary weight loss procedure that makes patients feel full sooner by placing a durable silicon balloon in the stomach, leading to significant short-term weight loss.” 

Yep, you read that right…it’s temporary! And in some cases it’s just not one balloon but two that get inserted and inflated into your stomach. Imagine two balloons floating around in your stomach. 

Why go through the process of having foreign material inserted into your stomach for a temporary effect?

Not only do you have to have it removed after six months but the risks to your health are no laughing matter. The balloons could cause a blockage in your stomach, an ulcer or even a rupture. And that’s not all, during the install or removal of the gastric balloon if the surgeon isn’t careful he/she could puncture your esophagus. You smiling now?

Nope, not something I recommend. Way too many risks involved for a temporary effect.

If considering weight loss surgery… do your due diligence. Investigate all the methods. Look at all the pro’s and con’s. Discover more about the doctor and the surgery he/she specializes in. Not all procedures are the same and not all doctors are equal.

Ask questions. 

With over 10,000 gastric sleeve patients we strive to make sure your questions are answered to the best of our ability. We don’t sugar coat anything. We tell you like it is. We let you know if a product is safe and what risks are involved.  

We understand the struggles and weight loss is an emotional, physical and financial burden…but you don’t have to go on the journey alone. We are here to help. We want you to be happy, healthy and thin.   

Our mission at Endobariatric is to treat you like family, guiding you on your weight loss journey! And we are dedicated to helping bariatric surgery patients achieve a healthier, longer and more prosperous life.”

To learn more about weight loss surgery, particularly the gastric sleeve procedure, I invite you to stop by our  website and view the many before and after pictures, testimonials, our team, what the Endobariatric Foundation is all about and much more. I also encourage you to watch The #AskDrA Show which is aired every week on our YouTube channel, this is where we answer fan submitted health, diet and food questions to make sleeve living more enjoyable. 

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