Q&A’s: Returning to work.

Hello, I’m Doctor Alvarez and this weeks question of the week is when can I return to work? The answer varies of course depending on your job, but for most desk jobs we recommend 5-7 days depending on your activity level. Now some people may return a bit earlier and I’ve seen patients go back to work in 2-3 days after discharge although it’s not recommended. I’ve also seen patients take more time to recover, so it all depends on your own recovery and how you feel. Don’t forget about the lifting restriction which is no more than 30 pounds the first 30 days. This may vary from surgeon to surgeon or practice to practice. Well I hope this information helps you. Be sure to watch the rest of our videos for more frequently asked questions and subscribe to our channel so you won’t miss another gastric sleeve video. Here’s the link. We’ll see you next week.