Habits of Successful Gastric Sleeve Patients

Gastric Sleeve Mexico

Gastric sleeve surgery can help you overcome obesity and live a happier, healthier life. But it is not a magic cure. For gastric sleeve to be effective, you must commit to practicing healthy lifestyle habits. With our many years of practice, the team at Endobariatric has identified a few key habits that help gastric sleeve ...
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Is Intermittent Fasting the Answer to Gastric Sleeve Stalls?

If you’ve hit a stall after vertical sleeve gastrectomy, you might be considering intermittent fasting as a way to get the scale moving again. It does seem to be everywhere these days, with people claiming near-miraculous results. Not surprisingly, many of my patients are wondering whether it should become part of their gastric sleeve diet. ...
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Calming the Pre-Gastric Sleeve Surgery Food Freak Out

I’m guessing a pretty high percentage of pre-VSG patients can relate to Teresa, who confesses to being in “freak out mode” and trying to squeeze in plenty of meals she figures will be off-limits once she’s committed to the gastric sleeve diet. Rest assured that these so-called “food funerals” are simply a fear response, rather ...
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Surprising Ways Weight Loss Changes Your Life

Weight Loss Mexico

Losing a significant amount of weight is one of the best things you can do for your overall health. At a healthier weight, you will have fewer aches and pains, a lower risk of medical diseases and a longer life expectancy. Weight loss can change your life in other, more surprising ways. Read on as ...
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When Can I Go Back to Work After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

The answer is that patients should be ready to rejoin the labor force exactly 4.75 days after vertical sleeve gastrectomy. Okay, I’m kidding. Like every aspect of VSG, the length of time you’ll need for a full recovery is very individual, though many patients are back to work within three to five days. There are ...
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How to Make Your Gastric Sleeve Resolutions Stick

Whether it’s January 1st or the middle of the summer, many VSG patients decide they need to refocus on their health goals. Maybe the scale is inching upward; maybe you’re still supposed to be in the losing phase but the scale hasn’t moved in months. Or your resolutions might have more to do with adding ...
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Staying On Track With Diet and Exercise During the Holidays

Diet & exercise during the holidays in Mexico

The holidays are one of the most magical times of the year. Unfortunately, for people who are trying to lose weight, this season also presents certain obstacles. Sticking to a healthy diet and exercise routine can be challenging with the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Because of this, the team at Endobariatric wants to ...
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