Q&A About Gastric Sleeve in Mexico During COVID-19

In last week’s blog, we gave an overview of the topic on many patients’ minds: Is bariatric surgery in Mexico a good idea right now? We hope it provided some good information, as well as reassurance that the endohospital is not only a safety leader when it comes to VSG, but regarding COVID, too.

In these extraordinary times, rest assured that our staff provides detailed COVID-related paperwork to every patient coming for gastric sleeve in Mexico. The information details safe travel protocol for you and your companion, the steps we’re taking at the endohospital, and what we require from you and your companion to ensure everyone’s safety. But we also wanted to give patients some quick answers to the questions we get asked the most.

Q: Am I still allowed to bring a travel companion?
A: Yes, though we are enforcing a strict one-visitor policy. And your travel companion will have to abide by stringent rules during his or her time at the endohospital. Being a visitor right now will look a little different than usual, too. We’ve removed anything we can’t sanitize (books and magazines, for example) for the duration of the pandemic.

Q: Will I get a COVID test at the endohospital?
A: Yes. It’s mandatory for every patient and every visitor. Because it’s required, the test is complementary for our patients. If you bring a travel companion, however, we do charge $100 for the test. So before deciding who to bring (if anyone), please be sure they’re aware of the test as well as the charge. Some patients are happy to get the test, while others are not. Know that the policy is for your protection, along with fellow patients, visitors, and staff.

Q: What if I get a positive result?
A: We’ll ask you to return home and reschedule your surgery for a later date. If you or a household member is exhibiting any COVID symptoms before your travel date, we strongly encourage you to get a COVID test and/or reschedule your surgery so you don’t waste a trip. Similarly, if your travel companion tests positive, he or she must leave the hospital. If the patient tests negative, however, surgery may proceed.

Q: Will I have to wear a mask at the endohospital?
A: Yes. While we hope you will wear a mask during your travels, you will be required to wear one in the van that brings you to endohospital and during your stay. Please note that your travel companion must wear a mask at all times while at the endohospital, so be sure he or she is medically able to do so.

Q: What steps is the endohospital taking to prevent COVID infections?
A: The COVID prep paperwork has comprehensive information on our extensive preventive measures. Some of the most important include a mask requirement for all staff, patients, and visitors; hand washing before and after visiting a patient’s room; no-touch greetings (hugs will have to wait!); and thorough sanitization of the transportation van. Our staff, too, are given COVID tests. Yes, we are a hospital dedicated to vertical sleeve gastrectomy, but above all, we are an industry-leading medical facility. Our entire focus, now and always, is on patient safety.

Q: Are tours and excursions still available?
A: Unfortunately, our usual roster of excursions is on hold. It’s not only our policy, but pandemic laws and city guidelines prevent tours as well. In fact, any travel companions will be directed to remain inside the endohospital during the patient’s stay to avoid potential exposure.

The bottom line is that we take safety very seriously. In working to prevent patient and staff exposures, we’ve had to overhaul some policies and procedures. Some may not be popular with everyone. But please keep in mind that each step is designed solely to safeguard your wellbeing and give you the best start to a lifetime of VSG health and happiness.

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