5 Ways to Exercise As a Family

Enjoying exercise is key to sticking with a healthy lifestyle long-term after gastric sleeve. What better way to make physical activities fun than to make them a family affair? As an added benefit, modeling exercise for your kids and getting them involved in physical activities at a young age helps them set healthy habits for life.
Here I share with you five ways to exercise as a family.

1. Walk or Bike Whenever You Can
One of the simplest ways to get exercise into your daily routine is to walk or bike everywhere you can. Instead of hopping into the car to go to the grocery store or library, go on foot or ride bikes. If you live close enough to your child’s daycare or school, consider walking the distance instead of driving it.
If you live too far from school or the grocery store to walk or bike, commit to going for a 30-minute family walk every night after dinner.

2. Make Family Gatherings Active
Another way to exercise as a family is to incorporate physical activities into family gatherings like birthday parties or reunions. Host your child’s party at a soccer field or a basketball court and host a few games. Consider an ice skating or rock climbing-themed party or gathering. If your family enjoys friendly competition, you can organize relay races or obstacle courses in your backyard or a local park.

3. Start an Impromptu Dance Party
Dancing is a fun way to get your heart pumping and burn calories. Move furniture aside, crank up some of your family’s favorite tunes and start a dance party. Use scarves or other flowy items to wave around, or use a flashlight to create a strobe light effect.

4. Sign Up for a Charity Race
What could be more rewarding than combining charity and fitness? Sign up as a family for an upcoming local walk or run. Pick a charity that you have personal ties to or whose mission inspires you.

5. Sneak Fitness Into Commercial Breaks
A simple way to exercise as a family is to sneak fitness bursts into commercial breaks. While watching your favorite family programs, use commercial breaks to do short circuits of jumping jacks, sit-ups or push-ups. You may want to focus your exercises based on working out a specific body part, or you could complete a full-body workout. Designate a different member of your family to “lead” the group every day.

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