How a Dietician Can Help You After Having Gastric Sleeve

Dieticians & gastric sleeve Mexico

Long-term success after gastric sleeve surgery requires a commitment to good nutrition habits. This commitment can be challenging to uphold without the help of a nutrition professional. After surgery, your stomach holds significantly less food, and the way your body absorbs nutrients changes. Nutritional counseling with a dietician that specializes in helping post-bariatric surgery patients is one of the keys to losing weight safely and steadily while giving your body the fuel and nutrients it needs.

Nutritional Counseling With a Bariatric Dietician

The bariatric dieticians our team works with will be with you every step of the way as you navigate your post-operative diet. They are the best source of information and guidance regarding diet and nutrition after surgery. Your health, safety and success are their foremost priorities.

Here’s what you can expect:

Your dietician will create a personalized nutrition plan that is customized to your exact health needs and weight loss goals. He or she will educate you about caloric intake and identify the number of calories you need to eat on a daily basis to lose weight at a steady yet safe pace. The dietician will teach you how to  eat a wide variety of foods, read food labels and choose your portion size carefully.

Since your digestive system is not what it was before surgery, your dietician may recommend that you take certain vitamins or supplements to get the nutrients you need and avoid nutritional deficiencies.

Your dietician will be your guidance, support and cheerleader. They will celebrate with you as you make progress in your weight loss journey, and suggest solutions if you encounter challenges or weight loss plateaus. The dietician will help you identify any of your triggers for eating the wrong foods or large portions, and work with you to develop workarounds for these triggers. Your dietician will also monitor you closely to ensure that you do not lose weight too quickly.

Patients who have found success after gastric sleeve surgery can attest to the role of a bariatric dietician. When facing such huge lifestyle changes, it helps to know that you have a professional educating you, supporting you and celebrating your progress.

Learn More About Nutritional Counseling After Gastric Sleeve

If you have questions about nutrition after gastric sleeve surgery, or how a dietician can help you accomplish your weight loss goals, please contact Endobariatric today.

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