Enriching Lives…One Sleeve and One Tree At A Time!

One tree? What?

I’ll explain in a minute, but first let me bring you up to speed on the Foundation. 

In March 2016, I launched a new service as a direct result of negative publicity surrounding a cheap surgery center and the horrendous services patients were receiving. It was horrible. People were getting hurt. 

I vowed to do something about that right then and there.

My goal was to change the industry…to save even more lives.     


So I created the Endo-Foundation.

The idea of the foundation came to me as a way to to help those who are struggling financially avoid making the mistake of choosing a cheap gastric sleeve surgeon because they didn’t have enough money. It breaks my heart when I see these people put their own lives on the line just to save a few dollars.

This particular surgery center was doing 12-15 gastric sleeve procedures a day. That’s just crazy. No wonder patients were getting hurt. It’s way too many surgeries in a day. In our facility because safety is our number one priority we limit the amount of surgeries to 3-4 a day. That’s it! We care about lives first. 

The reason people were going to this questionable facility was the price. It was cheap. So patients who couldn’t afford a quality surgery were opting for a cheaper unknown procedure and potentially risking their lives. It was heart breaking.  

Your health and well-being is never something you should gamble on. So if you’re short on funds I invite you to apply to the foundation. If selected, you could be awarded a grant ranging anywhere from $1000 – $4500. Here’s the link… www.Endofoundation.com 

Since March the Endo Foundation has received over 300 application and awarded over $35,000 in grants to help patients afford their gastric sleeve surgery here at Endobariatric. 

But I also wanted the Endo Foundation to stand for something more…to have an ecological impact. A way to honor all of my patients. A living legacy if you will. 

I wanted a concept that would grow and prosper and eventually feed people. Then one day when I was helping my dad on his farm, the idea came to me.



Every patient that has come to me has impacted my life, and I want to honor them with something that will help and nurture the environment for many, many years.

So every patient will have a tree planted in their name as part of the Foundation’s commitment to sustainability. Not just any tree…a pecan tree. Why a pecan tree?  A pecan tree can live for up to 300 years and can provide nourishment to hundreds of people year after year. 

Each pecan tree takes about 10 years until they are mature enough to be able to be harvested for nuts. During that time span they will be carefully maintained and cultivated. 

Once the trees go into production the pecans can be harvested, and sold. The money raised will be donated 100% to charity. This way we can help our planet and also help people in so many ways. Isn’t it amazing! We (you and I) will be doing something that will endure for generations to come. This way we convert Endobariatric into a not-only socially responsible company but also into an ecological responsible firm. 


The Health Benefits Are Amazing. 

Pecans are rich in fiber. They help in increasing metabolism. The contain oleic acid which has been found to reduce breast cancer. Pecans also contain magnesium which helps fight off cardiovascular disease and reduce strokes. Pecans are also rich in polyphenolic antioxidant ellagic acid, vitamin E, beta carotene, lutein and zea-xanthin…which all play a part in removing toxic oxygen-free radicals from your body. And pecans are known for helping prevent hair loss and giving your skin a softer, younger appearance. 

With Endobariatric averaging 1,000 new patients a year, that’s 1000 new pecan trees planted. That’s a lot of trees. That’s a lot of benefits. And each one named for a special patient. 

If you’d like to learn more about what the gastric sleeve surgery, the foundation or our commitment to saving lives visit us today at Endobariatric.com or connect with us via FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest or YouTube. Or you can connect directly with me (Dr Alvarez) on Snapchat by entering my username: gmoalvarez in the app.