Q&A’s Expected Weight Loss

Hello everyone and welcome to the question of the week, I’m Dr. Alvarez. This week we will talk about how your weight loss will be with the gastric sleeve procedure. A very common question that can be answered very simply. The weight loss will vary from patient to patient so don’t compare yourself to a friend who also had it. There are a lot a factors involved here that affect the weight loss rate like age, gender, how much excess body weight, exercise or activity level, etc. but I can help you out a bit. On average the first month will be where you lose more since you do the liquid diet after surgery. Then you rate will drop to a rate of a pound to two pounds per week. Again this in an average. Now I’m getting to the part I need you to understand. You will have some plateaus! This means you will have weight stalls during your journey. This is normal, expected and good for you body. What do you have to do? Nothing. You need to keep up the exercise, keep up your eating habits like eating slow and watching what you eat and this plateau will end and you will continue with the weight loss. It is important to note that during your plateaus your body will re-shape sort of speak to your new “weight” and people notice they will lose inches and sizes during this time. I have seen plateaus that last from a week to 6-8 weeks. So don’t freak out if you are stalled and not losing weight. It is a good time to analyze your habits and get them corrected l if needed, like exercise, how much water or fluids are you taking, are you eating too many sweets etc. My best advice is have patience during these plateaus and focus on doing things right. I hope you find these tips useful. So this is it for the question of the week. Be sure to subscribe to our channel for future questions and videos. Wishing you the best on your journey, I’m doctor Alvarez. I’ll see you soon!