August 4, 2014 Obesity Chat Podcast

Dr. Alvarez goes live answering questions about weight loss, surgery and other alternatives to resolve obesity. On this episode Dr. Alvarez answers the following questions: Can you talk about drinking alcohol and carbonated drinks regarding the sleeve? Can you really stretch your sleeve? How long does it take for your skin to bounce back to it’s “final” place? What are your thoughts on the pouch test and other types of diets when a person is experiencing regain? Will my stomach once again accept some food that now I??m sensitive of? What causes food sensitivity after WLS surgery? Does bougie size really matter? If you can stretch your sleeve by over eating can you also shrink it again after returning to acceptable portion sizes? Do you notice the rate of weight loss to be faster or slower in correlation to the length of time that a person has been obese? I come off from roller-coasters with bruises is this normal and I also get thrown up and down, will this hurt my sleeve or cause it be damaged in anyway? Could you please recommend a excellent Plastic Surgeon or facility please? Can you talk about leaks? Can you discuss how to know if you have stenosis in your sleeve that may need to be corrected and what options to correct this there are? I??m taking 10 Vitamin chewies a day (Biotin, B12, CoQ10, multivitamin, and 2 Calcet Citrate creamy), can they all be in the morning or half and half? Zantac and Pepcid medications are comparable to the antacid you prescribe and send home with your patients and okay for me to take if needed? What impact does grief/grieving have on our weight loss? What recommendations do you have for when we can’t eat or drink? Does having your gallbladder removed many years before a sleeve give any issues to having this procedure done. Will it effect my sleeve/me differently. What will I have to look forward too? I am gaining back after two years sleeved and do not know what I can do? I’m 2 months out and have made the mistake of taking vicoprofen for arthritic knee last week, now I can’t eat or drink protein shake. Without vomiting. How long can I go without food before I’m malnutrition? Can having the surgery cause a Lupus or MS flare??? I would like to know how long does it take for the gassy pressure in the chest post-op to go away What do you recommend to patients who two years post op are not feeling as ‘satisfied’. Cravings, wanting to eat more, etc. Are there causes for the sleeve stretching? Follow Dr. Alvarez: