Medical Professionals and their Gastric Sleeves

Medical Professionals from the United States talk about their experience having their gastric sleeve performed by Dr. Alvarez

Nurse Talks About The Gastric Sleeve (Before And After)

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Dr John’s 24 Hrs Post-Op.

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Gastric Sleeve: Nurse’s Testimonial

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Nurses’ Testimonial: Gastric Sleeve

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Nurse Lori Talks About The Gastric Sleeve

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Ob/Gyn Get’s Gastric Sleeve: Testimonial

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Respiratory Therapist

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Nurse And Her Gastric Sleeve

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Nurse’s Testimonial: Surgery In Mexico

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Latest articles from our blog.
11 September

Handling Criticism About Your Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Veteran VSG patients know that the only certain things in life are death, taxes…and criticism. If you’ve been overweight or obese for more than five minutes, you’ve probably received unkind comments from both strangers and loved ones. Unfortunately, the judgment doesn’t end when you become thinner. It just takes new...

04 September

What Patients Wish They Had Known Before Gastric Sleeve Surgery

At Endobariatric, we load you up with support materials for your VSG journey: detailed lists of what you can and can’t eat, how to maximize your weight loss, how to prepare for each stage of recovery, and so much more. But it’s tougher to prepare you for the mental and...

28 August

Your Body Loves Even Small Losses After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Sometimes vertical sleeve gastrectomy patients get so caught up in the big numbers (“I need to lose 100 pounds!”) that they fail to appreciate how even seemingly “small” losses can deliver big health benefits. Unless you’re actively working against your sleeve, you’ll lose far more than five or ten percent...

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