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Gastric Sleeve Testimonial From Kazakhstan

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Gastric Sleeve Testimonial From Cayman Islands

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Gastric Sleeve Testimonial From Canada

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Gastric Sleeve Testimonial From El Salvador

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South Africa Testimonial: Gastric Sleeve (Vsg)

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Testimonio De Ecuador Manga Gastrica (Spanish)

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9 Meses Despues Manga Gastrica: Testimonio De Ecuador (Spanish)

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20 May

Diabetes and Gastric Sleeve Surgery: Part 1

For years, my team and I have seen patients with Type II diabetes improve and even resolve this condition after gastric sleeve in our Mexico hospital. More and more studies are coming out every day to prove what we’ve known all along: vertical sleeve gastrectomy is perhaps the best tool...

13 May

Losing Weight After your Pregnancy and Gastric Sleeve Surgery

One of the “side effects” of vertical sleeve gastrectomy is being able to conceive more easily. In fact, a significant percentage of my female patients are referred by their obstetricians for this very reason. But what’s the process of losing that post-pregnancy weight if you’ve been sleeved? It depends on...

06 May

What to Know About Water After Gastric Sleeve

Strangely enough, many patients find that water requires more thought and elicits more consternation after vertical sleeve gastrectomy than at any other time in their lives. Why? The rules are different. Or perhaps I should say that, post-sleeve, you need to commit to following some rules you may have heard...

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