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The #AskDrA Show

The #AskDrA Show is a weekly show where we answer questions sent by our patients and other people interested in the gastric sleeve. If you have a question let us know on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube using the hashtag #AskDrA.

The #Askdra Show | Episode 7 | Eating, Drinking, Supplements….

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The #Askdra Show | Episode 6 | Chewing Gum, Counting Carbs, Hair

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The #Askdra Show | Episode 5 | Proteins, Complications And Carbo

** Individual results may vary

The #Askdra Show | Episode 4 | Raw Veggies, Coffee And Alcohol

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The #Askdra Show | Episode 3 | Resleeve, Mini Gastric Sleeve

** Individual results may vary

The #Askdra Show | Episode 2 | Dizziness, Stretching Sleeve

** Individual results may vary

The #Askdra Show | Episode 1 | Gurgling, Vitamins, Proteins

** Individual results may vary

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Latest articles from our blog.
14 February

A Companion’s Guide to Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico

Coming to the Endohospital for bariatric surgery in Mexico has never been so amazing—for both the patient and the companion. The old hospital was great, but the new one? Well, it’s essentially a cutting-edge medical resort. Unless you’ve been a patient and are returning as a travel companion for a...

07 February

Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Myths

After gastric sleeve in Mexico, patients are (rightly) focused on shedding pounds and getting healthy. But with the massive amount of sometimes-contradictory information out there, it can be easy to believe things that aren’t true. Below are a few of the most common myths about weight loss as they relate...

31 January

Can Gastric Sleeve Surgery Heal the Diseases that Are Killing You?

We spend a lot of time thinking and talking about the aesthetic changes that happen as a result of vertical sleeve gastrectomy. Feeling confident on the beach, wearing smaller clothing sizes—they’re all good things, and I certainly understand wanting to look fantastic. But what can get lost in appearance-related discussions...

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