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The Do’s and Don’ts of Exercise After Gastric Sleeve

The Do’s and Don’ts of Exercise After Gastric Sleeve

Nutrition tends to steal the spotlight after you have gastric sleeve. Learning what and how much to eat is crucial for weight loss success, as well as avoiding gastrointestinal discomfort. With so much emphasis on food, however, sometimes exercise gets lost in the mix.


I want to encourage you to bring it back into ...

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Will Sleeve Surgery Work For You?

Will Sleeve Surgery Work For You?

Having gastric sleeve surgery will indeed help you control the amount of food you consume but most importantly will allow you to live life to the fullest.

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Stop Weighing Yourself, Do This Instead!

Stop Weighing Yourself, Do This Instead!

Instead of trying to help yourself be better with your food choices you’re actually becoming a scale watcher. You become obsessed with the numbers. The scale becomes your enemy very quickly. And sadly, you start to hate everything about losing weight.

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The Top 10 Things “Sleevers” Give Up After Sleeve Surgery

The Top 10 Things “Sleevers” Give Up After Sleeve Surgery

On a recent “Question of the Day” social media post we asked “What’s the one thing you quit doing after having sleeve surgery?” and the responses were amazing. The number one answer probably won’t surprise you, after all, it’s the first thing I tell most “sleevers” to give up right away.

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The #AskDrA Book 2: Easy & Practical Answers To Enjoying Life As A New Sleever

The #AskDrA Book 2: Easy & Practical Answers To Enjoying Life As A New Sleever

The #AskDrA Book 2 is an easy to read question and answer resource guide that helps patients discover the benefits of living with their new sleeve and maintaining their weight loss goals after gastric sleeve surgery. 

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I Googled “Weight Loss Surgery” and Found Dr. Alvarez

I Googled “Weight Loss Surgery”  and Found Dr. Alvarez

It was just a very personal experience like no other medical journey I've ever had before. My results have been nothing short of amazing and my only regret is not having surgery 10 years earlier! Hats off to Dr. Alvarez and Endobariatric. They are a first class facility!

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The Best Advice Sleevers Give To Those Considering Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The Best Advice Sleevers Give To Those Considering Gastric Sleeve Surgery

You hear these wonderful stories about patients who have lost a considerable amount of weight with the help of the gastric sleeve procedure. You think, “Wow, their transformation is incredible”. You wonder if you could do it too. But you still have concerns about the surgery and how it would work for you. You read everything you can about bariatric surgery, about the surgeon, about the practice and about the location. You watch countless hours of videos from YouTube, Facebook and other social networks and you ask hundreds of questions so that you feel informed about the decision you are about to make.

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Q&A's: Low BMI

Q&A's: Low BMI

Hello and welcome to our section of frequently asked questions, I'm Doctor Alvarez with endobariatric.com and on this episode we'll talk about what a patient with a low BMI can expect with a gastric sleeve. In this category I'll like to include anybody who has a starting point of a 37 BMI or less ...

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Newsweek Article - Leaders in Health Care

Newsweek Article - Leaders in Health Care

LEADER IN HEALTHCARE Dr. Guillermo Alvarez is a highly skilled weight loss surgeon that has trainer in Mexico, the United States and France. He is strategically located in Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico, just 1 kilometer away from the border with the US. He specialized in numerous forms of laparoscopic bariatric surgery but has a specific ...

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"Successful Weight Loss with the Gastric Sleeve" With each passing year, bariatric surgeries are becoming more and more common place. After years of frustrating weight loss and regains, patients are looking for permanent answers to their obesity problems. New procedures, new techniques and new surgeons enter the field of bariatrics each year. In this newly ...

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