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How Fat is “Fat Enough” For Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

How Fat is “Fat Enough” For Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

As a bariatric surgeon I hear—and relieve—many concerns from my VSG patients. Among the questions I get is whether a patient is at a “correct” weight for gastric sleeve surgery. Usually it’s a matter of “am I too obese for the procedure?” but sometimes patients worry they aren’t overweight enough. With the standard caveat ...

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What to do When You Feel Stuck on Your Gastric Sleeve Journey

What to do When You Feel Stuck on Your Gastric Sleeve Journey

How are you today? Do you feel good about your VSG progress? I hope you can answer “great!” and “yes!” to both of those questions. If you can’t, this blog is for you. Today we’re going to dive into the issues of perfectionism, feeling stuck, and moving past both those things.

I don’t ...

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A Word About Goal-Setting After Gastric Sleeve

A Word About Goal-Setting After Gastric Sleeve

Immediately following vertical sleeve gastrectomy, your initial goals are pretty simple: get the recommended amount of water each day, find ways to sip protein until your stomach is ready for more solid food, and walk a bit even if you don’t feel like it. But after you’ve had the sleeve for a while, goals take ...

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Life After Gastric Sleeve Surgery Isn’t Always Easy

Life After Gastric Sleeve Surgery Isn’t Always Easy

Even with all of the information we give patients before they undergo bariatric surgery in our Mexico practice, I often get the sense that many expect the weight loss process to be fairly effortless. Sometimes it is. Most of the time it’s not. And guess what? That’s okay. I know, I know: easy victories sound ...

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The Busy Person’s Guide to Losing Weight After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The Busy Person’s Guide to Losing Weight After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Life doesn’t usually stop just because you’ve decided to get VSG. You still have the same commitments: work, family, friends, church, community. And on top of those things, you now have to work with your gastric sleeve diet and fitness needs. Or worse, maybe your already-hectic schedule suddenly becomes even more hectic—going back to work ...

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Fighting Carb Addiction After Your Gastric Sleeve

Fighting Carb Addiction After Your Gastric Sleeve

Most VSG patients have a love-hate relationship with carbs: They love to eat them and hate what they do to their weight. Carb addiction is very real—and a very real threat to your gastric sleeve diet. Whether you’re on your first day of the pre-op program or years into your sleeve journey, a compulsion to ...

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An Action Plan for Gastric Sleeve Patients (Part 1)

An Action Plan for Gastric Sleeve Patients (Part 1)

When patients first start losing weight after their vertical sleeve gastrectomy, they think of each pound as being gone forever. Sometimes that’s true—and, by the way, I encourage that way of thinking. But at some point during their journey, many sleevers discover that they’ve started to regain a bit of the weight they’ve lost. Watching ...

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Unexpected Money After VSG Surgery

Unexpected Money After VSG Surgery

When you’re contemplating gastric sleeve surgery, cost is certainly top of mind. And while the amount you’ll spend is usually the focus, did you know there are a long list of ways you may save money after the procedure? Some of those savings are no-brainers (bye-bye unhealthy snack food), but other items may be surprising ...

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Gastric Sleeve Surgery as a New Year’s Resolution

Gastric Sleeve Surgery as a New Year’s Resolution

What would it feel like to start the new year without a resolution about weight loss? Millions of overweight and obese individuals can’t begin to imagine such freedom, but my VSG patients have the luxury of dedicating the coming year to family, career, hobbies—anything except weight loss! Here’s what it looks like when you’re living ...

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Support Questions Before and After Surgery

Support Questions Before and After Surgery

Usually, more information is better, especially when it comes to procedures like VSG. But there are some situations where not knowing absolutely everything can actually be beneficial. As anyone who’s ever had gastric sleeve in Mexico with Endobariatric can tell you, our medical team gives out lots of information. Lots. We tell you what to ...

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