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Can You Convert a Gastric Band to a Gastric Sleeve in Mexico?

Can You Convert a Gastric Band to a Gastric Sleeve in Mexico?

Vertical sleeve gastrectomy—also known as “the sleeve”—is not only a great solution for first-time bariatric patients, but it’s also a smart decision for patients who want to convert a Lap-Band® to another type of bariatric tool.

In recent years, converting previous bariatric surgeries to new sleeves has become a significant part of my practice. And ...

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Constipation Help After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Constipation Help After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

What happens in the bathrooms stays in the bathroom…except after gastric sleeve surgery. Because sleeve brothers and sisters talk about everything, am I right? Including, yes, constipation. It might be a touch embarrassing, but it’s very common after the sleeve, so rest assured that you’re in good company. Here are a few things to help ...

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How to Stay Mentally Positive on Your Gastric Sleeve Journey

How to Stay Mentally Positive on Your Gastric Sleeve Journey

At Endobariatric, we provide gastric sleeve patients with so many resources about how to fix a weight stall or get back on track after a gain. But sometimes the first thing they need to fix isn’t in their fridge; it’s in their head. When you’re not losing weight (or inches), it can be tough emotionally ...

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How It All Began!

How It All Began!

I'm very humbled by the love and support I receive everyday from my over 9000 patients and from those who, haven't received surgery from me but, benefit from my videos, blogs, books and social media postings.

Here's just few of the latest testimonials we receive daily...

"You are amazing Dr. Alvarez and I have purchased ...

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Price Should Never Be A Factor!

Price Should Never Be A Factor!

The headline stated, “Four Dead From Tijuana Doctor!"

One women referred over 300 patients to the accused doctor.

I've been warning people for years about the low price discount surgery mills and yet, people still would rather risk their lives to save a few dollars. Really? A cheap price is more important than ...

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Treating You Like Family

Treating You Like Family

I saw the video and my heart sank. All I could think about is why people would opt for cheap services if it almost kills them. The video I was watching was a news story about a gastric sleeve doctor in Tijuana who, in my opinion, was advertising prices so low it wasn't even covering ...

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Explaining To Friends and Family Why Gastric Sleeve Surgery In Mexico

Explaining To Friends and Family Why Gastric Sleeve Surgery In Mexico

I receive thousands of questions every month from those thinking about gastric sleeve surgery...

...and the one that seems to come up every week is,How do I explain to friends and family that I'm having gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico?

In fact, just the other day the same question was posted to ...

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