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Gastric Sleeve VS Lap Band

Gastric Sleeve VS Lap Band

To understand some of the key differences between lap band and gastric sleeve surgery, it is important to understand the fundamentals of each procedure. Lap Band Surgery Lap Band surgery is perhaps the most well-known form of bariatric surgery. This procedure involves the use of an adjustable gastric banding device to restrict the size of ...

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Q&A's: The gastric sleeve

Q&A's: The gastric sleeve

Hi and welcome to the question of the week, I'm Dr. Alvarez. In this video I'd like to discuss a little more about the gastric sleeve procedure that we started doing many years ago and now has become very popular because of the benefits and amazing results and the low-risk involved. This is a restrictive ...

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Sleeve plication vs. sleeve gastrectomy

Sleeve plication vs. sleeve gastrectomy

Welcome back to my blog. Today I'd like to discuss about some differences between the gastric sleeve or sleeve gastrectomy and the newer procedure called gastric plication. Let??s begin by explaining a little bit of this brand new surgical approach. The term plication refers to the rounded shape of the stomach made by folding ...

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