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Babies and Gastric Sleeve

Babies and Gastric Sleeve

I perform gastric sleeve on patients from teens to seniors, and their questions run the gamut from how soon they can return to football practice to whether Medicare covers the procedure. But among women of childbearing years, questions about pregnancy are standard. The good news-bad news situation: Pregnancy is not only possible afterward, but it’s ...

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What are my Odds of Complications After Gastric Sleeve?

What are my Odds of Complications After Gastric Sleeve?

No matter how excited you are to begin your gastric sleeve journey toward a healthier, happier life, it’s normal to worry about potential complications. It is surgery, after all. While there’s no way to predict whether a patient will experience complications, I can confidently say that the risk is crazy low for my patients. Before ...

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Can You Lose Too Much Weight After Gastric Sleeve?

Can You Lose Too Much Weight After Gastric Sleeve?

Gastric sleeve patients have struggled with being overweight or obese for years—maybe even a lifetime. So the concept that one can lose too much weight seems very foreign. The good news/bad news: Shedding too many pounds usually isn’t an issue for gastric sleeve patients. But it’s certainly possible to get on such a weight ...

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5 Facts About Sleeve Surgery in Mexico

5 Facts About Sleeve Surgery in Mexico

When you mention the possibility of having gastric sleeve surgery—or any surgery—in Mexico, friends and family may try to change your mind. They undoubtedly mean well; there’s still a stigma involved with international medical procedure, after all. But the truth is that, just like in the U.S., there are exceptional physicians in Mexico and ...

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Why Aren’t I Losing Weight After My Gastric Sleeve?!

Why Aren’t I Losing Weight After My Gastric Sleeve?!

It can be frustrating when the scale refuses to budge, but going back to basics can get it moving again. Be honest with yourself about what’s been going on in your kitchen—and what hasn’t been going on.

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10 Awesome Patient Submitted Reasons To Choose Dr. A & Endobariatric For Your Gastric Sleeve

10 Awesome Patient Submitted Reasons To Choose  Dr. A & Endobariatric For Your Gastric Sleeve

Every now and again I like to pick some of the patients and showcase their feedback. It’s our patients who ultimately keep Endobariatric growing.

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Getting Sleeved When You’re Not Morbidly Obese

Getting Sleeved When You’re Not Morbidly Obese

For the last 11 years I've been educating the public on the health benefits of VSG surgery, the trend lately is using the gastric sleeve as a treatment to help cure or control certain generic diseases.

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The Many Misconceptions Of Bariatric Surgery

The Many Misconceptions Of Bariatric Surgery

Over the last decade, I’ve heard all the falsehoods, all the made up stories and all the down-right utterly confusing misconceptions of bariatric weight loss surgery.

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Getting Pregnant After Sleeve Surgery

Getting Pregnant After Sleeve Surgery

Being overweight presents many challenges, fertility being one of them.

When you’re chronically overweight your hormones tend not to be so active. Maybe you want to start a family or grow your family, but because of those hormones not kicking in like they are supposed to, getting pregnant seems like a distant dream.

Well I’m ...

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Staying Hydrated Before and After Sleeve Surgery

Staying Hydrated Before and After Sleeve Surgery

Staying Hydrated...It's That Important!

Maybe you've heard me say how important staying hydrated is and it just didn't sink in. Or you read about the benefits and dismissed it as something not too important. Well, let me tell you, staying hydrated is the best thing you can do for your overall ...

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