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If Diet and Exercise Don’t Work For Me, Why Would Gastric Sleeve?

If Diet and Exercise Don’t Work For Me, Why Would Gastric Sleeve?

When patients turn to gastric sleeve surgery, it’s almost always after years—sometimes a lifetime—of trying to lose weight. They’re tried every diet and exercise plan out there, with no lasting results. Because they’ve “failed” so often, they’re afraid to get their hopes up that gastric sleeve might offer a real solution.


Maybe that sounds ...

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July 28, 2014 Obesity Chat Podcast

July 28, 2014 Obesity Chat Podcast

Dr. Alvarez goes live answering questions about weight loss, surgery and other alternatives to resolve obesity. www.endobariatric.com On this episode Dr. Alvarez answers the following questions: What is up with the runny nose so often? Is there a correlation with surgery or just some strange coincidence? How soon is to soon to start ...

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