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Regain Control Of Your Life With This Weight Loss Option

Regain Control Of Your Life With This Weight Loss Option

Did you know that more than two-thirds of adults in the United States are now considered to be overweight? And more than 1 in 20 are considered obese.

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What Can A Sleeve Do For You?

What Can A Sleeve Do For You?

Maybe you heard someone say they got sleeved and you weren’t quite sure what that meant. Is a sleeve a fabric? A big long tattoo down your arm? Or a tool of some sort? Then out of sheer curiosity you ask, “what the heck is a sleeve?”

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Successful Weight Loss Starts With Goals

Successful Weight Loss Starts With Goals

What are your weight loss goals?


That’s a question I ask every single patient who walks through our doors. And it’s a very important question. And the answers they give will determine their success at achieving those goals.


Hi, I’m Dr. Guillermo Alvarez a Mexican bariatric weight loss surgeon and chief educator here ...

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Diabetes and The Gastric Sleeve

Diabetes and The Gastric Sleeve

Obesity is the number one concern patients have when coming to me in regard to their weight loss surgery. They want to be thinner, healthier and more energetic. The number two concern that my patients have is reducing or eliminating their weight related illnesses. 


Of those illnesses, diabetes is at the top of ...

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Improvement and in some cases resolution of comorbidities are the more notable benefits of sleeve gastrectomy, there are other advantages such as improvements in weight loss, cost-savings and a better quality of life. Health conditions resolved or improved due to sleeve gastrectomy procedures: -Health Condition ----- % of Gastric Sleeve Gastrectomy Type 2 Diabetes Controlled --------- 45%-58 ...

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