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What’s off limits after gastric sleeve surgery?

What’s off limits after gastric sleeve surgery?

Life after a gastric sleeve procedure is a whole new world. Pretty much everything changes—mostly for the better. But because your new stomach only holds three to four ounces, you also have to relearn what you can and can’t do when it comes to food.


The first month or so post-surgery is the most ...

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If Diet and Exercise Don’t Work For Me, Why Would Gastric Sleeve?

If Diet and Exercise Don’t Work For Me, Why Would Gastric Sleeve?

When patients turn to gastric sleeve surgery, it’s almost always after years—sometimes a lifetime—of trying to lose weight. They’re tried every diet and exercise plan out there, with no lasting results. Because they’ve “failed” so often, they’re afraid to get their hopes up that gastric sleeve might offer a real solution.


Maybe that sounds ...

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Exercise After Gastric Sleeve

The Do’s and Don’ts of Exercise After Gastric Sleeve

Nutrition tends to steal the spotlight after you have gastric sleeve. Learning what and how much to eat is crucial for weight loss success, as well as avoiding gastrointestinal discomfort. With so much emphasis on food, however, sometimes exercise gets lost in the mix.


I want to encourage you to bring it back into ...

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The Gastric Sleeve: It’s Exclusively What We Do!

The Gastric Sleeve: It’s Exclusively What We Do!

The sleeve gastrectomy is an operation in which a portion of the stomach is surgically removed through laparoscopic surgery. This results in a new smaller stomach which is roughly the size and shape of a banana. 

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Stop Weighing Yourself, Do This Instead!

Stop Weighing Yourself, Do This Instead!

Instead of trying to help yourself be better with your food choices you’re actually becoming a scale watcher. You become obsessed with the numbers. The scale becomes your enemy very quickly. And sadly, you start to hate everything about losing weight.

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I Googled “Weight Loss Surgery” and Found Dr. Alvarez

I Googled “Weight Loss Surgery”  and Found Dr. Alvarez

It was just a very personal experience like no other medical journey I've ever had before. My results have been nothing short of amazing and my only regret is not having surgery 10 years earlier! Hats off to Dr. Alvarez and Endobariatric. They are a first class facility!

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The Best Advice Sleevers Give To Those Considering Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The Best Advice Sleevers Give To Those Considering Gastric Sleeve Surgery

You hear these wonderful stories about patients who have lost a considerable amount of weight with the help of the gastric sleeve procedure. You think, “Wow, their transformation is incredible”. You wonder if you could do it too. But you still have concerns about the surgery and how it would work for you. You read everything you can about bariatric surgery, about the surgeon, about the practice and about the location. You watch countless hours of videos from YouTube, Facebook and other social networks and you ask hundreds of questions so that you feel informed about the decision you are about to make.

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Overcoming Gastroparesis: My Endobariatric Story Part 1

Overcoming Gastroparesis: My Endobariatric Story Part 1

My story's a little bit different as far as the gastric sleeve goes, because my initial research on it was not for weight loss. I was diagnosed with diabetes, type 2 diabetes, 5 years ago. During that process, I got extremely sick. I was not responding to the Metformin. I was not responding to ...

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Getting Pregnant After Sleeve Surgery

Getting Pregnant After Sleeve Surgery

Being overweight presents many challenges, fertility being one of them.

When you’re chronically overweight your hormones tend not to be so active. Maybe you want to start a family or grow your family, but because of those hormones not kicking in like they are supposed to, getting pregnant seems like a distant dream.

Well I’m ...

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Staying Connected

Staying Connected

For those following Endobariatric on social media, maybe you’ve noticed we made a few changes. The changes were made to help us improve the overall user experience we deliver to you every single day.

Since the majority of our weight loss fans, friends and followers are on Facebook we’ve concentrated the changes there first.

Why ...

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