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The Endo-Foundation

The Endo-Foundation

As a doctor my goal is to save fact, I state that in my slogan...and I stand behind that slogan everyday with every patient. 

In August 2015 I wrote an article for my blog called “Price Should Never Be A Factor!”. I shared my frustration about people going to so-called “cheap” surgery centers because of price and the horrendous services they receive as a result. 

I vowed in that article to do something about change the save even more lives!

I don't want price to ever be a factor so I created something so huge that it may just put those discount surgery centers out of business. I created a foundation that will help those struggling, with options to pay for their surgery. 

This is probably one of the biggest endeavors I will put together but one that means so much to me as I'm helping more people get healthy. I don't want to see anymore people die at the hands of cheap know, the one's that care more about money than human life. 

The foundation, will be dedicated to helping those who truly desire to have the gastric sleeve procedure done, but might not have all the funds available to do so. It will be designed so that past, present and future sleevers can help so others can experience this life saving weight loss procedure.

So for the last six months, I, along with my trusted team, have worked up all the parameters of the foundation; how it will work, how people can help if they so choose, how to apply if you can't afford the full rate, what's covered and what's know, all the good stuff. 

The ultimate goal of the foundation is to help those who are struggling financially avoid making the mistake of choosing a cheap gastric sleeve surgeon because they didn't have enough money. It breaks my heart when I see these people put their own lives on the line just to save a few dollars.

"Money should never be that speed bump that slows you down and prevents you from improving your life". 

So here's what we are doing to insure the success of the Foundation and make sure there are resources available when patients apply. We are setting aside a portion of every bill from every paying client and using it to fund this very worth while endeavor. This will be part of the Endobariatric legacy and will mean so much to so many.

We are also creating sponsorship opportunities for people like you who want to help. Who want to change lives too. It can be a simple one time gift of $25 or you can sponsor every month for whatever amount you deem life changing. Our goal is to assist at least one patient every week in receiving the necessary funding so they too can experience a renewed lease on life.

Visit Our Foundation Page to discover more about how to apply or sponsor.

Or send inquiries or sponsorship monies to Endobariatric, SC - P.O. Box 6529 Eagle Pass TX 78853

To learn more about the gastric sleeve procedure and how weight loss surgery can benefit you, visit today. “Changing sleeve at a time!” 

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