Price Should Never Be A Factor!

Price Should Never Be A Factor!

The headline stated, “Four Dead From Tijuana Doctor!"

One women referred over 300 patients to the accused doctor.

I've been warning people for years about the low price discount surgery mills and yet, people still would rather risk their lives to save a few dollars. Really? A cheap price is more important than your own life! 

Have you ever heard the expression, “lower your price, make it up in volume”? The doctor in question was performing up to 20 surgeries per day at a low price and relying on sheer volume to recoup his profit. Mistakes were happening and people were getting hurt or ending up dead. Very tragic! (see my previous articles " Treating You Like Family" and "You Get What You Pay For")

This to me is totally unacceptable.

Life is too precious!

As a doctor my goal is to save fact, I state that in my slogan...and I stand behind it everyday with every patient. “Saving Lives...One Sleeve At A Time!” Not 20, not even 10...we only perform 3-4 surgeries a day. That's it.

To think that someone is doing 20 surgeries a day is incomprehensible, irresponsible and down right dangerous.

I know the proper amount of time that goes into performing a gastric sleeve procedure the right way with the right equipment and there is no way that I could do more than 5 a day and still feel I was providing the safest service possible. 

The other day a friend forwarded me what a doctor had posted to a Facebook group and I found it disturbing that this doctor would post this... “I've performed 1600 surgeries with no deaths!” Wow, not sure if that was to build confidence in himself or others...but I would hope that the word “death” tells people that he's not someone you want to take a chance with.

Well, I'm sick and tired of these so-called doctors taking an industry that I love, using it to hurt people, generating negative media coverage then starting up somewhere else only to do it all over again. I've spent my entire medical career educating people on healthy living. And with over 9000 surgeries I can say that I have a proven track record of saving people and helping them regain their lives. 

As I goal is to save lives...

...that's what I'm doing...that's what I'll continue to do!

The reason people go to these discount surgery mills is the price. But what if the price wasn't the factor anymore, what if you could get the best surgery and not have to worry if you were going to die?

I don't want price to ever be a factor so I'm creating something so huge that it may just put those discount surgery centers out of business. I'm creating a foundation that will help you, if you are struggling, with options to pay for your surgery.

This is probably one of the biggest endeavors I will put together but one that means so much to me as I'm helping more people get healthy. I don't want to see anymore people die at the hands of cheap know, the one's that care more about money than human life. 

The foundation, which I haven't given a name to yet, will be dedicated to helping those who truly desire to have the gastric sleeve procedure done, but might not have all the funds saved up to do so. It will be designed so that past, present and future sleevers can donate to if they wish so others can experience the life saving weight loss procedure

I will be announcing more details in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.  

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