Before & after gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico

Medical Professionals and their Gastric Sleeves

Medical Professionals from the United States talk about their experience having their gastric sleeve performed by Dr. Alvarez

Nurse Talks About The Gastric Sleeve (Before And After)

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Dr John’s 24 Hrs Post-Op.

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Gastric Sleeve: Nurse’s Testimonial

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Nurses’ Testimonial: Gastric Sleeve

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Nurse Lori Talks About The Gastric Sleeve

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Ob/Gyn Get’s Gastric Sleeve: Testimonial

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Respiratory Therapist

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Nurse And Her Gastric Sleeve

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Nurse’s Testimonial: Surgery In Mexico

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03 March

Body Dysmorphia After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Oh, the joy of seeing the numbers on the scale drop and your body shrink following gastric sleeve in Mexico! After years (or perhaps a lifetime) of being overweight or obese, it’s truly thrilling to feel normal…healthy…even sexy. Some VSG patients, though, still see a much larger person in the...

24 February

Countering Triggers to Overeat After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve in Mexico is pretty magical, but it can’t eliminate triggers in your life that prompt your body and mind to go into “mindless eating mode.” It takes honesty, planning, and, frankly, quite a bit of determination to get around daily triggers that can sabotage your VSG success. Below...

17 February

Navigating New Romances After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Getting back into the dating world after—or during—the many physical and emotional changes that accompany VSG is a unique challenge. From unrealistic expectations (“It’s going to be a piece of cake now that I’m thinner”) to insecurities (“Who’s going to think all this excess skin is attractive?”), it can be...

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